What we can harvest in a June winter

What we can harvest in a June winter

The weather has turned cold here in Auckland.

Is there still anything to eat from the garden?

When I wandered around, this is what I found:

  • Gorgeous red-stemmed silver-beet,
  • rocket,
  • endive,
  • parsley,
  • gotu kola,
  • choko,
  • apples,
  • mandarins


Gorgeous red-stemmed silver-beet, rocket, endive, parsley, gotu kola, choko, apples, mandarins

Then I went hunting further under some plastic shelters I had put over some beds and found:

  • Beans,
  • tromboncino squash,
  • silver-beet,
  • lettuce
Beans, tromboncino, silver-beet, lettuce



Looking further: a tiny, tiny zucchini – in June!

And a few carrots

carrot – ‘Egmont gold’

And the last of the apples



Look – the mandarins are starting to ripen! The tree is loaded so we will have citrus for a while now. The lemons and oranges are still unripe so we will wait further for them.




And persimmons starting to ripen too. They are so delicious we really look forward to their sweetness in the winter.



We have broccoli coming soon. Other brassicas [caulis, cabbage etc] would too if we’d planted any!


A bit more on beans:

I am so pleased with them – they were a late sowing in March,  a dwarf variety ‘Prince’. Stella had commented that these ones ‘tasted OK and grew better than others in cooler times, early and late in the season’. So I tried them.

One lot in the ground and another lot in a planter-box which could be moved onto the patio for extra heat if needed.

They grew well, lots of leaves. Then flowers appeared.

As the weather got colder I put plastic covers over them and waited and watched.




The plastic tunnel gives OK protection from cold winds of winter and frosts [which we may have soon].

And it worked – real beans to eat in June – lots of them!



So if you have a way of covering a late planting of dwarf beans, they are worth putting in.  Our own beans in winter – so nice.


So even though the snake-beans and climbing beans have finished – they were great and powered on until a few weeks ago, tomatoes are faint memory, there is still a lot we can find in a winter garden which is wonderful.


Sometime before Spring, I’ll look into a post about the range of beans we plant, how and why – there are a few!


May you and your garden flourish