Strengths I Access [part 2]

Congratulations!! Simply by further exploring these ideas you also show


  • perseverance
  • enthusiasm
  • future-mindedness
  • love of learning

For each question, further Strengths unfold so let’s go!

c)  To create a garden

  1. I read books /magazines / blogs / listen to ‘gardening gurus’ and follow their directions
  2. I want it to stay the way I made it; MY way
  3. I see each plot as unique and bring my unique flavor to it
  4. I leave it do its own thing
  5. little by little, it evolves

Therefore, the Garden Style I prefer if I chose:

  1. Knowledge, wisdom and understanding
  2. My way and I am in control of the outcome
  3. working with the uniqueness of each situation
  4. I love the natural way
  5. The natural way with my attention evolves harmoniously


  1. industry, diligence, perseverance
  2. leadership, sense of purpose
  3. creativity, ingenuity, originality; authenticity
  4. perspective, faith
  5. curiosity and interest in the world, self-control


d)  My garden style

  1. shows a great example of current trends or fashion
  2. shows my unique style
  3. grows and changes by itself

Therefore, the Garden Style I prefer if I chose:

  1. Current ideas, NOW, what has energy now
  2. I walk my unique path and my garden reflects my uniqueness
  3. My style unfolds as time moves on, adapts, develops more wisdom


  1. creativity, diligence, perseverance
  2. originality, sense of purpose
  3. interest in the world


e)  For a garden ‘problem’ I

  1. look for a solution, prescription or recipe
  2. look for innovative ways to balance the ‘problem’
  3. walk away and wash my hands of it and do something else
  4. worry

Therefore, the Garden Style I prefer if I chose:

  1. Knowledge, understanding from experts
  2. Broader understanding of the inter-connections in the system which could be used
  3. let nature take its course
  4. I mull over a ‘problem’ and think about it


  1. diligence, perseverance, curiosity, love of learning, hope, optimism, sense of purpose
  2. leadership, ingenuity, originality
  3. honesty, caution, discretion
  4. hope, modesty and humility, caution


f)  For my garden in winter

  1. I avoid it
  2. I see changing seasons as a part of the natural world
  3. I look for the special winter aspects and love what this change of season brings

Therefore, the Garden Style I prefer if I chose:

  1. enjoying the times of year I prefer in the garden
  2. I see all seasons as important in their own way
  3. I love winter in the garden


  1. perspective, discretion, authenticity
  2. curiosity and interest in the world
  3. appreciation of beauty; gratitude, love


g)  Autumn leaves

  1. are a nuisance to be cleaned up
  2. are beautiful
  3. are a resource, providing valuable compost materials
  4. are part of the rhythm of nature

Therefore, the Garden Style I prefer if I chose:

  1. order, neatness
  2. creating beauty as I perceive it
  3. building the fundamental of good soil to support the growing garden
  4. a holistic approach where everything has a part


  1. industry, diligence, honesty
  2. appreciation of beauty, love
  3. perspective, spirituality
For more insight into your Preferred Style and Strengths:

Go through the questions

as though no-one else has any influence on the outcome.


If money, expertise and space were no options,

what sort of garden would you dearly love to have around you? How would you answer the questions then? How might the responses change?



Any overall reflections, insights?

Interested in even more? To explore further, and work with a mentor on your exploration, Heather is there to walk with you as you unfold the AUTHENTIC YOU.