Strengths I Access [1]

Congratulations!! Simply by exploring these ideas you show


  • Curiosity and interest in the world!
  • Love of Learning
  • Open-mindedness
  • Hope, optimism and future-mindedness
  • Honesty, authenticity and genuineness

For each question, further insights unfold so let’s go!

a)   I approach building a new garden

  1. with a plan
  2. with an overall idea
  3. I dive right in and start
  4. It just happens
Therefore, the Garden Style I prefer if I chose:
  1. order, form, the ‘thinking’ approach
  2. a general vision and the details unfold
  3. action
  4. the unfolding of the natural world
 The Character Strengths I Access if I chose:
  1. perspective, judgement, self-control, self-regulation
  2. creativity, ingenuity, originality
  3.  enthusiasm, energy, zest, zing
  4.  hope, optimism, faith

b) A garden is:

  1. a challenge to be overcome
  2. an opportunity
  3. something to be ‘perfected’
  4. a place I bring order out of chaos/disorder
Therefore, the Garden Style I prefer if I chose:
  1. setting goals which take an effort to achieve
  2. a creative approach rather than clear initial goals
  3. order, and I make goals to achieve this
  4. a different perspective on goals based on ‘what the situation currently presents’
 Character Strengths I access if I chose:
  1. bravery, valor                        –
  2. future-mindedness, creativity
  3. perseverance, critical thinking, judgement
  4. diligence, industry, sense of purpose, discretion


Aren’t gardens interesting – providing insights for our lives and character strengths we can call on in other areas of life.

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