More Strengths Insights from my Gardening Style

More questions for insight into your best style

Choose the alternative which best represents your way:

c) To create a garden:

  1. I read books /magazines / blogs / listen to ‘gardening gurus’ and follow their directions
  2. I want it to stay the way I made it; MY way
  3. I see each plot as unique and bring my unique flavor to it
  4. I leave it do its own thing
  5. little by little, it evolves


d) My garden style:

  1. shows a great example of current trends or fashion
  2. shows my unique style
  3. grows and changes by itself


e) For a garden ‘problem’ I:

  1. look for a solution prescription or recipe
  2. look for innovative ways to balance the ‘problem’
  3. walk away and wash my hands of it and do something else
  4. worry


f) For my garden in winter:

  1. I avoid it
  2. I see changing seasons as a part of the natural world
  3. I look for the special winter aspects and love what this change of season brings


g) Autumn leaves:

  1. are a nuisance to be cleaned up
  2. are beautiful
  3. are a resource, providing valuable compost materials
  4. are part of the rhythm of nature


Wonderful! What further insights appear as you see these alternatives?

For insight into your preferred style and the character strengths used in each option click here ‘Strengths I access [part 2]

There are no ‘right’ answers, just interesting questions to reflect upon and different strengths we use in different situations.

I hope you gained insight into how best to create your own unique garden your way.

And how you can start to bring these wonderful strengths into more areas of your life – to flourish!