How Can My Garden Style Give Insights for My Flourishing Life?

There are so many ways to approach gardening!   A garden uses our

  • physical strengths
  • all our learned skills and behaviors
  • our innate character strengths

Uncovering these provides opportunities for us to use the best, easiest, most effective way for each of us – our own unique style – in our garden and in other areas of our life.

Strengths of “the real you” … that make you feel happy, capable, and engaged, are great assets.

Interested to uncover aspects of your unique combination?   There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ ways – just ‘your own way’. Choose which option best represents your preferred way

a)   I approach building a new garden:

  1.  with a plan
  2.  with an overall idea
  3.  I dive right in and start
  4.  It just happens



b) A garden is:

  1. a challenge to be overcome
  2. an opportunity
  3. something to be ‘perfected’
  4. a place I bring order out of chaos or disorder

For insight into the character strengths used in each option click here  ‘first insight into my strengths’