Sow below-ground crops after 9th Feb

Sow below-ground crops after 9th Feb

If you can keep soil moist, these are good times to sow root crops:

  • Wednesday 12th February through to Saturday 15th February 2020.

after the full moon on Sunday 9th February 2020. [Here in New Zealand]

Here in Auckland, it has been warm and dry, dry, dry. The ground is warm and germination can be fast as long as it stays moist. Can you keep soil moist consistently? We don’t try at this time of year, we wait until autumn.

Hot soil can also inhibit germination so cool, moist is the preference for these seeds.

If we have more frequent hot days, that can be enough to send tiny seedlings to bypass forming a root and make seeds instead.



May you and your garden flourish


For more ideas about what to sow and when in NZ, have a look at



For more about planting by the  moon phases,

If you like experiments about when to plant for best results, a great one is to plant the same seeds in rows right beside each other [so all other conditions are identical], and label the rows with the date of planting. Then sow seeds from 1 packet at weekly intervals, each week in a new row.

This way you can see how the recommendations for best/worst seed sowing outcomes from moon-planting guides work for you. Maybe they do, and maybe they don’t.

I enjoy experimenting with such ideas – and if only I can rescue the rows from the snails and black-birds, I might even get some results to share!

Here’s a post I wrote about planting by the moon phases if you like more information and reflections on it.

Moon planting guides remind me to plant SOMETHING, plan a little, and help me have a continuous supply!



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