A week to grow below-ground crops

A week to grow below-ground crops

Here in Auckland, New Zealand, the outside ground is warm and germination will be fast. Keeping ground moist for tiny seedlings is the issue at this time of year.  And the weather has been HOT! We will wait until autumn to sow seed rather than have to sort out automatic irrigation at this time of year [or hand-hose frequently each day!]

Also, frequent hot days can be enough to send tiny seedlings to bypass forming a root and make seeds instead.

If you can keep soil moist and cool, the good times to sow root crops are:

  • Sunday 4th February to Wednesday 7th February 2018.

after the full moon on Thursday 1st February 2018. [Here in New Zealand]

Some root crops can be transplanted, for example we’ve had success doing so with beetroot. Many others bolt straight to seed without forming nice big roots.

With carrots, we have only had success when sown directly into the open ground of warm soil with constant moisture.

We focus more on caring for crops already growing.

Best wishes for your garden at this time




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