It’s time to plant for strong root growth

It’s time to plant for strong root growth

Here in New Zealand, it’s good to sow seeds for strong root growth next week [after the full moon on Monday 4th December 2017].

  • Especially good on Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th December 2017.


If you can squeeze in a little planting time amidst the busy December time, the ground is warm, we’ve had a strange assortment of rain – very localized – here in Auckland, maybe if your ground is moist, sow some more root crops?

They’ll need watering to germinate and grow so if that’s a challenge in the December busy-ness, wait for another time. We do not sow carrots now for that reason. The larger seeds of beets and daikon radish can be sown deeper in the soil so are less prone to drying out – much more likely to be successful.



I might sow some

  • daikon radish – larger seeds can be sown deeper so will stay more moist than smaller seeds nearer the surface and drying out [like carrots]. The white root is great to eat. 20160927_172201


  • beetroot – ‘seed’ is a largish cluster of seeds so can also be planted deeper.  ‘Bulls blood’ or ‘Detroit red’ are some tried and true heritage varieties we use.


  • Ginger! We can even grow small ones here in Auckland. Joy! First time we have actually got a harvest – it might be small but it broke from the rest of the root and it gives hope we can grow even bigger ones.

    Ginger from our garden 20170417
    Ginger from our garden 2017 04 17


PS Seeds and plants like ‘real’ water – preferably rain. Otherwise the next best is tank water of stored rain. Then maybe bore water, last treated water from a mains supply.

One older gardener we knew would place all sorts of containers outside to catch the rain to water her seedlings. She used all sorts from teapots on! She also grew great veg!

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