Take a rest from sowing seeds this week – do other garden stuff instead

Take a rest from sowing seeds this week – do other garden stuff instead

From Tuesday 12th September 2017 until after the dark of the moon on Wednesday 20th September 2017.

As the moon nears its smallest visible ‘dark of the moon’ phase, it is best to take a week off from planting or sowing seeds as this time gives least strong outcomes.

This week is a time for other things – prepare more garden beds for the big Spring planting, or go through those seed supplies from past years and get them ready for sowing over the next weeks. Or get clear on what you will plant this season, and where.

Seeds have limited life and are far more likely to give strong, healthy plants when the seed is fresh.


Like to experiment with moon-planting?

If you like experiments, a great one is to plant the same seeds in rows right beside each other [so all other conditions are identical], and label the rows with the date of planting. Then sow seeds from 1 packet at weekly intervals, each week in a new row.

This way you can see how the recommendations for best/worst seed sowing outcomes from moon-planting guides work for you. Maybe they do, and maybe they don’t.

Planting by the moon gives this week as poor for germination and health of seedlings. Do you find good germination and strongly growing seedlings emerge – or not? An interesting experiment.

I enjoy experimenting with such ideas –  if only I can rescue the rows from the snails and black-birds!


At the minimum, these guides remind me to plan a little to plant SOMETHING!

Enjoying our gardens is the main idea for me, and I hope you too can wander around your garden and enjoy whatever it offers now.


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