Take time out from sowing seeds until after the 22nd

Take time out from sowing seeds until after the 22nd

Take time out from sowing seeds from Tuesday 15th August 2017 until after the dark of the moon on Tuesday 22nd August 2017. As the moon nears its smallest visible ‘dark of the moon’ phase, this time is associated with spindly, weak growth – wait a week or so.


Do other things instead.

  • prepare garden beds to be warm, nourished and ready for new crops as soon as they are warm enough. Feel the temperature with your hand – if the ground is cold, wait a while. Sometimes putting a plastic sheet or tunnel or cloche over the intended planting site makes enough difference that plants will grow happily in a week or so.
  • read up on seed types to plant for success now Spring is on the way – they all have their favorite times. Choosing ones which enjoy this particular time makes all the difference to successful harvests. In Auckland, this is still very early Spring so choose only ones which grow well early on to plant in open ground. All others still need a protected, warm place.
  • learn more about the optimum conditions to grow GREAT crops of your favorite veg or fruit. Each variety has its likes and dislikes. If we try to grow them outside their likes, we need to care a lot more for them. It’s much easier to set them into conditions they like.
  • Plan your next seed sowing, your garden layout, or crop rotation to minimize pest and diseases.

Another Eclipse

The 22nd August is another interesting day – there is a total solar eclipse of the sun occurring across the USA that day [for more information this site is interesting]. New Zealand won’t see any of it, yet the disturbance of the light/dark cycles of Earth may affect the rest of the globe somehow. I’ll watch with interest.



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