Celebration, I have just published 100 posts about food gardening in Auckland!

Celebration, I have just published 100 posts about food gardening in Auckland!

When I started posting, I would have had trouble believing I could write 100 posts about anything. Yet, we just passed that milestone and this is post 101 now.

Here’s a short collage of piks from the 3 years of this blog.

From when we first  moved into this house, created food gardens from bare ground, over lawn and in any tiny spot we had available.


Even before we had a garden bed, we grew food in bags of bought compost. They grew well.


Then we covered over the clay of the front yard [no real lawn at all], removed the dead trees we inherited with the place.

And grew heaps of food on the front yard.

As I wander through the piks, – gee its changed so much! From barren ground to a thriving, flourishing oasis in the city. An abundance for us and to share with others too.

It has also given us an opportunity to share harvests and exchange information with our community as people walk past. We meet so many lovely people of all ages this way.


We explored seeds and seed planting using the phases of the moon as a guide and a reminder to plant Something!

I’ll continue to note which sort of seeds to sow at each phase of the moon [or to not sow at all as the moon nears the darkest time]

I enjoy writing about diverse aspects of our gardens.

  • Successes and the not so good.
  • How we save and store our seeds,
  • The predators and pests in our garden,
  • There are many and varied bits of information and reflections on experiments we ran with crops.
  • From tomatoes to salads. Chokos to pumpkins.
  • And recipes as well. A feast for the mind and the body.

I hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I enjoyed writing them.

So what about the next era of posts?

Who knows what will show up! We can look forward with anticipation of interesting times as the weather warms up and spring arrives here in this wonderful, lush ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’. I wonder what interesting gardening explorations it might bring?


May you and your garden flourish!


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