Sow below-ground crops

Sow below-ground crops

Recommended best days for sowing seeds to grow great root crops are

Monday 15th, Tuesday 16th May

Here in Auckland, New Zealand, the ground is getting too cold for good seed germination. We will not sow seeds for some months.

Often planting charts talk generally of sowing these seeds during the week after the full moon – which will be on Thursday 11th May.

If you live in a warmer region, or can grow in a hot-house/tunnel-house/conservatory then these are said to be the days for best results.


This is a time of year when we clean up remnants of crops, organize next seasons beds and plantings and generally do other things than plant seeds.

Now is a time to harvest the results of past garden sowing and planting instead.

For example,

Below-ground tubers such as the

2017-04-07 12.27.01
Yacon – stems and leaves

Yacon [Smallanthus sonchifolius]

 provide a different food source in the colder months. We dig up some to eat and re-plant some for next year’s crop.

Yacon is in the daisy family and has flowers like a small sun-flower on long stems. They are a bit similar to Jerusalem artichokes.

Yacon flowers
Yacon flowers


More Yacon info if you are interested in growing perennial food crops which give a harvest with very little work involved – go here.


Best wishes for your garden



For more ideas about what to sow now in New Zealand, have a look at

Maybe northern hemisphere plantings may be good? Warmer now?

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