Take a rest from sowing seeds until after 28th – maybe enjoy your garden?

Take a rest from sowing seeds until after 28th – maybe enjoy your garden?

Take time out from sowing seeds until after the dark of the moon on Tuesday 28th March. As the moon nears its smallest visible ‘dark of the moon’ phase, this time is associated with spindly, weak growth – wait a week or so.

Do other stuff instead.

If the weather is warm, enjoy, eat and process the harvest! [see below for our update]
Or go for a swim somewhere.
Or picnic.
Or just enjoy your garden.
Or otherwise enjoy autumn!
We find this is a time to harvest more than plant. So we spend more time cooking, preserving, drying, sharing produce.



Monday 20th March 2017 is the equinox – autumn here, spring up north.

When the day and night are both 12 hours. Equal. Same. A milestone in the calendar when the next day will be in a different phase to what it has been.

For us down-under, the day-light hours will be less than the night time hours. Many plants use these types of changes to trigger different phases of growth.

Some change to flower and set seed before their winter ending. Many gardens have large amounts of cleaning up at this time to remove these ‘past-it’ plants.

Some plants start to grow well so they are strong and sturdy to weather the winter time. Kale, cabbage, broccoli, etc. grow best over winter and the colder weather adds sugars which sweetens their sap [the plants method of not freezing].


If you like experiments about when to plant for best results, check out the idea from this post to see how the recommendations for best/worst seed sowing outcomes from moon-planting guides work for you. Maybe they do, and maybe they don’t.


Moon planting guides remind me to plant SOMETHING, plan a little, and help me have a continuous supply!

Enjoy your garden and whatever it offers now!


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