Sow below-ground crops

Sow below-ground crops

Recommended best days for sowing seeds to grow great root crops are

Tuesday 14th to Saturday 18th March 2017

Often planting charts talk generally of sowing these seeds during the week after the full moon – which will be on Monday 13th March.

Maybe northern hemisphere sowings may be good if the ground has warmed up?

Down-under, we are careful  sowing seed here at this time of year – if it’s too hot the seed dries out too quickly for good results. If seeds start to sprout then dry out and are stressed, they will either shrivel up or bolt to seed without forming a big root.

If you have cooler weather, and moist soil then you have a good possibility to grow good root crops now. Here in south Auckland we’ve had rain after long dry spells so the ground is soaking up the water – wonderful! This year we will plant more with confidence they can grow.

There’s time to put in some carrots – I prefer Egmont Gold as it is less affected by carrot fly.  Also beetroot, daikons, radish, parsnip, etc.


Garlic can be planted from now with good results. We’ll prepare some areas and start putting the crop in from now onward until the shortest day.

We have had great success with this crop – to read how we grew great garlic, go here.


We’ll choose the biggest bulbs, with the biggest cloves to replant first. The bigger the seed clove, the bigger the food store for the new seedling so it has the best start to grow big and strong.

Then we’ll save the large cloves from smaller bulbs to also plant. [And eat the smaller cloves]



For more ideas about what to sow and when in NZ, have a look at

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