Sow seeds for fruits and flowers this week

Sow seeds for fruits and flowers this week

Welcome to Autumn here in New Zealand!

Or Spring in the northern hemisphere – go for it now – sow lots now!


It’s time we can sow seeds for optimum growth of fruits and flowers this week,

especially Tuesday 7th – Wednesday 8th March 2017

Before the full moon on Monday 13th March 2017.


Down-under, here in New Zealand,

The ground is warm and seeds germinate quickly. If you haven’t already planted these and have them growing strongly, another sowing can be good still.

We can still sow seeds throughout the week of

  • squashes/zucchini [courgettes] if previous plantings have not thrived
  • beans [I sow direct and put out snail bait or surround them with plastic cut-off bottles to protect from snails and slugs which love baby seedling legumes]. ‘Prince’ dwarf variety is good to grow now.
  • Peas! Maybe it’s time to plant peas again now – they like it cooler so will crop when the cooler weather arrives.  Plant the seeds 3x diameter of the seed to keep them down where the soil will be moister than near the surface where they could still dry out.
  • Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussel-sprouts, kale, etc
  • Flowers – check requirements as they will be in their seedling stage as weather is still  hot – some like it, some don’t. Keep them moist. Now we can plant flowers which will over-winter – different types to spring planting.


This week the moon is growing towards full and the days listed are when many aspects line up to give optimum good germination for strong seedlings. Worth a try I think.



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