Sow seeds for fruits and flowers this week

Sow seeds for fruits and flowers this week

February is mid-summer down-under – and as germinating seeds need constant moisture to grow and flourish – this can be the main issue to grow new seedlings. Autumn is not too far away so maybe I’ll leave sowing seeds for a month.

If you really want to plant now, it’s time to sow seeds for fruits and flowers this week. Best days are Sunday 5th February, + Wednesday 8th + Thursday 9th February 2017 [here in New Zealand] before the full moon on Saturday 11th February 2017

This is the time of year when seeds in compost sprout and grow happily!

  • tomatoes – well, they come up by themselves in compost so thin/transplant/return to compost
  • pumpkins/squashes/zucchini [courgettes] – these often come up by themselves too.
  • Beans [I might sow some more – directly into the ground and put out snail bait or surround them with plastic cut-off bottles to protect from snails and slugs which love baby seedling legumes]
  • Flowers

Is it too late to plant corn and melons now? Maybe worth a try still – directly in the ground.


This week the moon is growing towards full and the days  of Sunday, Wed, Thurs are when many aspects line up to give optimum good germination for strong seedlings if you’d like to plant now. Do keep them well watered – when seedlings are tiny, one dry spell can end them.

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