Take time out from sowing seeds until after the 28th

Take time out from sowing seeds until after the dark of the moon on Saturday 28th January. As the moon nears its smallest visible ‘dark of the moon’ phase, this time is associated with spindly, weak growth – wait a week or so.

Do other stuff instead.

If the weather is warm, enjoy, eat and process the harvest! [see below for our update]
Or go for a swim somewhere.
Or picnic.
Or just enjoy your garden.
Or otherwise enjoy summer!
We find this is a time to harvest more than plant. So we spend more time cooking, preserving, drying, sharing produce.


For more on our harvest – what gave well and what is challenged so far this year, here’s some info about our gardens harvest

If your weather is cold, for you in the northern hemisphere, maybe its a time to:

  • Build a new compost bin!
  • renovate garden beds
  • read up on this next season and seed types to plant for success – they all have their favorite times
  • learn more about the optimum conditions to grow GREAT crops of your favorite veg or fruit
  • Plan your next seed sowing, your garden layout, or crop rotation to minimize pest and diseases.

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