Down-under it’s time to plant for strong root growth

Down-under it’s time to plant for strong root growth

From Thursday 15th to 20th December 2016 – plant for strong root growth.

Especially good on 15th and 16th.

If you can squeeze in a little planting time, the ground is warm, we’ve had good rains here in Auckland, maybe sow some more root crops?




I might sow some more

  • carrots [see below]
  • daikon radish – larger seeds can be sown deeper so will stay more moist than smaller seeds nearer the surface and drying out [like carrots]. The white root [in the photo above] is great to eat.


  • beetroot – ‘seed’ is a largish cluster of seeds so can also be planted deeper. These are the variety chioggia. The roots are sweeter than ordinary beetroot and often have concentric circles of pink and white flesh visible when sliced.




Let’s look more at



It’s a delight when we do grow carrots. The tiny seeds need to be planted close to the surface and kept moist.  Hot sun dries them out really quickly – shriveled, gone.

One strategy I’ve heard when sowing carrots in hotter weather was to take 2 weeks off work, put a deck chair and sun umbrella by the carrot patch, take the hose and a drink, and sit there gently spraying the carrot patch often until they sprout and grow big enough to fend for themselves.

carrot-growing in hot times

Urban myth?


Also, carrots will create odd shaped roots if the ground is hard, clay, rocky, too rich with compost/manures.



PS Seeds like ‘real’ water – preferably rain. Otherwise the nearest is tank water of stored rain. Then maybe bore water, last treated water from a mains supply.

One older gardener would place all sorts of containers outside to catch the rain to water her seedlings. She used all sorts from teapots on! She also grew great veg!


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