Down-under sow seeds for fruits and flowers this week

Down-under sow seeds for fruits and flowers this week

Down-under it’s time to sow seeds for fruits and flowers this week – from Thursday 8th December 2016 until the full moon on 14th December 2016.

Especially good days include Thursday 8th + Sunday 11th – Tuesday 13th [here in New Zealand]

In Auckland the weather has warmed up and dried out the soil here. I may still sow seeds throughout the week of

  • Beans? Maybe more? I wonder if I have planted enough that are growing strongly? Time to check.  [I sow direct and put out snail bait or surround them with plastic cut-off bottles to protect from snails and slugs which love baby seedling legumes].
    The beans in the top pik are Lab lab beans – Dolichos lablab – a tropical bean with lovely purple flowers and pods. Cook well [in fact, cook all beans well to de-activate the anti-nutrients they contain]
  • Maybe I’ll plant more seedlings of chilies, peppers [capsicum] and eggplants (aubergine). If there is space as these are ‘would like’ rather than ‘must have’
  • Pumpkins! If we don’t have many growing yet.
  • Corn? Another sowing is good -if I can find some space!
  • Flowers of all sorts.More sunflowers.


This week the moon is growing towards full and the days  of Thursday, Sunday, Mon, Tues are when many aspects line up to give optimum good germination for strong seedlings. Worth a try I think.


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