Down-under, a week to grow below-ground crops

Down-under, a week to grow below-ground crops

Recommended best days for planting seeds to grow great root crops are

  • Thursday 17th – Saturday 19th November

Often planting charts talk generally of sowing these seeds during the week after the full moon on 15th October, as it appears to get smaller.


Root crops now could include carrots, beetroot, radish, parsnip and similar.




Daikon radish is a favorite here. The white roots are sweet when small, and the green leaves can be cooked, added to soup/stir fry/etc.

We use the white roots mostly – in curies or stir fries.



I leave some go to seed – which scatter around the garden by themselves.

Parsnip seed is best planted fresh [< 1 year old], or germination rates are often very low . So letting the plants sow their own fresh seed is an easy way to keep the supply going.

At present the tiny seedlings are popping up all over – in garden beds, paths, lawns. At least they are easy to remove when tiny  when they really grow somewhere we don’t want them. Although, I do tend to leave them in odd places.

Parsnip seedlings don’t like root disturbance so I don’t try to transplant them much. They so easily go from tiny seedling to making seeds without forming a root. We have plenty!

The roots form in autumn-winter and are sweeter after a frost.

We grow parsnip also for its flowers – the clusters of tiny flowers are loved by bees and predatory insects. So we gain great helpers in our garden by leaving some parsnip flower and seed – a real win-win.



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