Down-under sow seeds for fruits and flowers this week

Down-under sow seeds for fruits and flowers this week

Down-under it’s time we can sow seeds for optimum growth of fruits and flowers this week – especially Wednesday 9th to Friday 11th of November 2016  [here in New Zealand].

The ground has warmed up and seeds germinate quickly. If you haven’t already planted these and have them growing strongly, another sowing can be good still.

We can still sow seeds throughout the week of

  • tomatoes – feed them well as they need some months to crop and growth slows down when the weather gets cooler as the days shorten in autumn
  • pumpkins/squashes/zucchini [courgettes] if previous plantings have not thrived
  • beans [I sow direct and put out snail bait or surround them with plastic cut-off bottles to protect from snails and slugs which love baby seedling legumes]. I find it’s too late for peas now – they like it cooler.
  • Corn! Sow direct in the ground for a succession of cobs
  • Flowers – check requirements as they will be in their seedling stage as weather gets hotter – some like it, some don’t. Keep them moist.

This week the moon is growing towards full and the days listed are when many aspects line up to give optimum good germination for strong seedlings. Worth a try I think.


PS.  This full moon on 14th November 2016 is a ‘Super Moon’.

It will be closest to the Earth on the 14th and slowly its orbit moves further and further away. Next time it will be this close to the Earth is in 2034!

The moon’s orbit is elliptical [sort of egg-shaped] so sometimes it comes closer to the earth than other times. When a full moon is closer to the earth, it seems larger in the sky [especially when it appears to be near the horizon or buildings] – if there are no clouds to block the view.

What does this mean for our plants?

Well, the gravitational pull that draws seas to create tides which rise and fall on our shores, also has the same effect on the liquid component of plants. So when the moon is closer to the Earth, the pull is stronger than when the moon is further away.

Whatever effects were being expected would possibly be stronger when the moon is closer.

What an interesting idea – I wonder how I can experiment and explore this!

Maybe look for the ‘Super Moon’ affects in your garden too.

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