Down-under it’s time to sow seeds of leafy greens this week

Down-under it’s time to sow seeds of leafy greens this week

Sow seeds for luscious, tender leafy greens this next week – especially Tuesday 1st November 2016 and Saturday 5th – Sunday 6th too [here in New Zealand]

In Auckland the sun has lately been more apparent after a wet winter. The ground is drying out, and – good grief – we might have to water seedlings!

I will sow seeds throughout the week of

  • Lettuce – I’ll sow a number of varieties so hopefully some will do well no matter what the weather does this year – hot/dry/cold/wet.
  • Orach [more info with thanks to Wikipedia] – we have a red/maroon colored one self seeding now
  • Magenta Spreen  [wonderful summer veg in warmer times – more info with thanks to Wikipedia]
  • Silver-beet and ‘bright lights beets’ [with beautiful colored stems – red, pink, yellow – sometimes they simply glow with color]
  • Giant Red Mustard [nice when young, gets hotter as it ages. More info] It can grow as tall as me and leaves can grow up to about  50 cm [2 ft]!


This is when the warmer climate greens will germinate easily [they need warm soils] and grow leaves we can use.


Magenta Spreen – distinctive pink new leaves


Orach and Magenta Spreen are 2 which we use. Both are now self-seeding here – often in our paths so they are moved or we move the path!


From now on we plant lettuce and beets in semi-shade [or afternoon shade] as they prefer cool, moist conditions to thrive. Seeds planted now will be maturing in warm/hot weather so we get best leaf production in semi-shade.

Succulent leafy greens such as lettuce, endive and coriander, in full sun need heaps of TLC and water to thrive – they quickly tell us its too hot and dry by bolting to seed again [the central stalk elongates and leaves become more bitter, smaller and few].

It is good to grow alternatives now.



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