Down-under sow seeds for fruits and flowers this week

Down-under sow seeds for fruits and flowers this week

It’s time to sow seeds for fruits and flowers next week – best days are Sunday 10th October 2016, + Thursday 13th – Friday 14th  [here in New Zealand] All plants with above-ground fruits, flowers, seeds that we eat and enjoy.

Before the full moon on 16th October.

In Auckland the weather has been milder – warm and wet, wet, wet!

I am already noticing molds starting – even on calendulas where, in past years, it had not been an issue. An early start to a warm, moist, humid season?

The grey molds reduce vitality of plants they grow on, so I’ll keep a closer eye on this issue now.

I will sow seeds of

  • Pumpkins/squashes/zucchini [courgettes] – love Tromboncino squash – a long crook-neck type. These green-skinned ones came from ‘Runningbrook Seeds’. We have also grown an orange version from ‘Diggers Seeds’. In Auckland we find  the green variety tastiest. There is another version ‘Rampicante crook-neck squash’ which is similar.


  • Peas and beans [I sow direct and protect from snails and slugs] We will plant more climbing ‘Emu’ beans – a later producing bean which keeps on producing young beans even when there are many older ones drying on the vine! A great asset. Also some more dwarf varieties – I wonder which will do well now? As the young beans appear with their first leaves is a great indicator to me to plant the next generation seeds for a continuous supply.


  • Chilies, peppers [capsicum] and eggplants [aubergine]  They really do best in summer heat and warm ground. Is it time to plant the special little pots from last month out yet? Maybe, as it’s a warm early Spring, I can plant some of them out in the garden now? And leave some to plant in November when it will be warmer again and less likely that storms will flatten them.
  • Tomatoes [also heat-lovers so they’ll go in somewhere warm – maybe some more in seed trays and some direct into warm ground by a warm patio?].  I’ll sow a number of varieties again – the ones that are powering along from last month’s sowing and maybe some others. The orange Moonlight, Oregon Spring [which was prolific last year; a red staking variety], Sweet 100 cherry [one of our favorites] and the ‘Self-sown cherry from the ginger pot’ [from many years ago which grows lovely mid-sized fruit] are our staples. I wonder what else will grow well this season?
  • Corn! Our first sowing can go into really rich ground now. Early Gem and Bantam have grown well here in the past so we’ll see this year.
  • Flowers of all sorts. Especially sunflowers, including ‘Russian Giant’. Just because…


I take indicators from successes and failures from the past month sowing.  If one variety is really doing well this year, we’ll plant more of it – and also plant a variety of other types because experiments to find new options are good fun for us.

Hopefully some we plant now will do well so we will have a harvest no matter what the weather does this year – hot/dry/cold/wet.


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