Down-under it’s time to sow seeds of leafy greens this week

Down-under it’s time to sow seeds of leafy greens this week

Sow seeds for luscious, tender leafy greens this next week – Sunday 2nd October 2016 to Wednesday  and Sunday 8th too [here in New Zealand]

In Auckland the weather has been wet, wet, wet!  I will sow seeds throughout the week of

  • Lettuce – I’ll sow a number of varieties so hopefully some will do well no matter what the weather does this year – hot/dry/cold/wet.
  • Silver-beet [including rainbow chard/ bright light beets – the ones with vibrant colored stems – so stunning to see in a garden]
  • Rocket [Arugula] 
  • Mustard greens, or the giant red mustard is pretty nice early in the season before the heat of summer adds too much pepper bite and it goes to seed rather than make tender leaves. It’s an eye-catcher in the garden.
  • Asian greens [assorted] – here they grow well in the cooler months – they grow so fast!
  • Endive  We grow 2 types – a broader leaf variety and a lovely fine, frilly variety. They are lovely and tender in cooler months so we enjoy them now. Both grow more slowly than lettuce.

This is a great time to have leafy greens grow well – they love cooler, wetter times.

Later, when the weather warms up they bolt to seed fast and produce fewer leaves which easily go bitter.

Enjoy delightful salads with a range of leaf types in these cooler, wetter months.

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