Joy oh joy – The compost bin repaired!

Joy oh joy – The compost bin repaired!

Love, love, love our rotating compost bins! 

Here it is brand new. It rotates around the middle end over end. Great mixing of components for compost in a hurry. Up away from rodents. They are great.


Some years ago we bought one and put it together.


Putting together the rotating compost bin from parts


Well, it did great service for many years until the angle pipe joining the frame at the top rusted out [circled in this photo] So the bin was stuck on the ground, never to roll again. Sad!




Then asked local retailers if the part could be purchased.

  • 1 said only as part of the frame kit + their commission = $100’s Ouch.
  • So I asked an engineering works how much to make one? $100+.  Oh.
  • So, despairingly, asked the other retailer and “no worries, think so. We’ll get back to you“. We wished very hard!

And they did! Hooley, dooley – we got a call 2 days later saying “come collect it“!!! We were stunned!

So we zoomed in [not really expecting it could be true] and lo-and-behold – the right part!! Woo hoo!

Thrilled no end!

And the icing on the cake?  I took out my wallet to pay and was told “no charge” – wow! They said it wasn’t supposed to fail. Gee, we are still amazed and thrilled.

So, the moral of this tale of a compost bin?

Keep trying and allowing wonderful outcomes, no matter how many other avenues seem not to work. The outcome can be even better than you could have imagined!

Or: Keep believing in miracles – they do happen!



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