Down-under seed sowing this week is best for below ground crops

This week is best for sowing seeds to produce good root crops of carrots, beetroot, onions,etc.

The moon is appearing smaller in the sky as it moves past full now.

Best sowing days: Tues 20th and Wed 21st September 2016

Here is  Auckland, NZ we will think about sowing carrots and beetroot [because these are the root crops our family eat mostly].

I use ‘Egmont Gold‘ carrots as they appear to be less troubled by carrot fly.

We also love ‘Chiogga‘ beetroot – the 2-tone globes with their concentric circles of red and white also taste sweeter than other beets – maybe they are a cross between original beetroot and sugar-beet?

Our garlic crop went in last autumn and is powering along now.

Garlic crop powering along

Will harvest it around the end of the year. It often is said to “plant garlic on the shortest day and harvest on the longest day“. We find it better here to give it longer so plant in autumn and it has good growth before slowing in the colder weather – when weeds can take over if the garlic is smaller.



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