Spring is here – come take a walk around the garden with us!

Spring is here – come take a walk around the garden with us!

We took a walk around our garden and it shows Spring is springing! Woo hoo!

South Auckland, New Zealand can be a delight in Spring. Come on a wander around and see what we found.

From tiny little flowers.

Forget-me-nots blue flowers arrive now its Spring
Calendulas sunny blooms and Forget-me-nots blue flowers spreading over the perennial onions [long strappy leaves on the right]

And one of the garlic patches.

Garlic growing well with mizuna, parsley, an orange tree and silver-beet

Oranges nearly all harvested – this dwarf tree had been loaded and has fed us for ages. Nearly time to grow leaves and then blossoms again instead of putting its energy into fruit.

The garlic patch by a dwarf orange tree co-exist well as long as we harvest the garlic gently and minimize disturbance of the surface-roots of the tree.


And leafy greens are powering now – so good to have fresh, vibrant, sweet greens. These have been hiding beside the trampoline, protected from the worst of the freezing winds.

Varieties: Bright Light Beets and Fordhook Giant


Endive self-seeded under another orange tree and is beautiful just now – almost sweet, and such soft leaves. Later, in warm weather it goes bitter and leaves get tough.



And even a chili from last year!

Hard to believe a chili plant survived the freezing cold southerly winds that blow in off the harbor! Yet here it is to amaze us. Maybe the orange tree protected it?

Let’s hope the frosts stay away


And the nectarine has 3 blossoms with more buds forming

The first nectarine blossoms!


Wow – can’t plum trees make so many blossoms! The branches seem to be covered in flowers.


And the plum tree is covered in blossom! All these trees are kept low, yet even so it has masses of blossoms.


And the apricot tree is starting to blossom!

First apricot blossoms

The apricot tree is also just getting its first new blossoms. Here in Auckland with its warm, humid summers, it’s very optimistic to get fruit from a tree which likes hot, dry summers. This one is planted where it gets and see breeze off the harbor waters to minimize the humidity. Sometimes it works and we get great fruit!

‘Espaliered’ apricot tree

We’ll take another walk around soon – there is so much beginning to grow again. See you soon

 Love love love Spring!

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