A new garden!

A new garden!

How did we re-make the front into a thriving garden?

Last winter we looked at the sad, struggling bushes we inherited in the front ‘lawn’, which, along with a dead tree was ‘the front’. This story is about how we re-made the front of the house, facing the street into a flourishing garden to feed us and add color to all our lives in winter too.

It began as a struggling, sloping ‘lawn’ of mown weeds on clay – all the top-soil went when the sub-division was created 30 years ago I think. Water flowed straight off, down to the street gutter. The [large] dead tree came down and became firewood [where usable] or left to rot and become soil otherwise.

Beginning to make terraces

We added terraces.

Covered the ground with newspaper and cardboard to create a new ‘weed-free’ garden on top.

Beginning with covering the ground




We went around the established bushes.

Next, in went branches from over-grown bushes, rampant vines pruned back, dead tree limbs. Then on went grass clippings and mulch – anything without seeds. On top of all went a truck-load of lovely mulch of ground up tree prunings.

To make a lovely mulch garden ready for planting in spring. Feed with worm juice, blood and bone, lime, rock dust, coffee grounds, ‘Fodda’ [which is a mixture of organic nutrients] and anything else seed-free!wpid-20150815_165819.jpg

Then, in went bulbs. And they came up so fast we had fragrant flowers in early spring.


Then dwarf trees, small bushes and veg seeds and seedl20160228_081413ings. Seed by seed, plant by plant, bit by bit, it grew and flourished.


A year on, as the mulch and branches rot down and feed the plants:

2016-08-12 17.59.03

And plants seem to be growing happily, with new leaves and flowers.

Isn’t nature amazing – growing vibrant plants, even on clay?! With a little bit of help, grow organic matter and the plants thrive too.


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