Choko vines growing new shoots in winter??!

Our choko vine is amazing us – its growing new shoots and leaves in winter [June here in Auckland, NZ]. Lovely fresh, new, bright-green leaves and growing tips.

Choko growing new leaves in winter!
Choko vine growing new leaves in winter!

They usually die back down to the roots and regrow stems and leaves in spring. They usually look scruffy, shriveled and tattered by now. Like this one growing through a Cherry Guava tree.


The vine along the fence has not died back yet. I wonder if it will? Or has Auckland become sub-tropical enough for it to be perennial? Will we need to rescue the rest of the garden from the rampant choko vine? Only time will tell.

What is happening for your vines and shrubs which usually are deciduous and rest in winter before sprouting anew in spring?


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