It’s cherry blossom time here!

It’s cherry blossom time here!

cherry blossom, Auckland 10 2015cherry blossom 2015The cycles of nature here in New Zealand are on a surge into spring. The cherry blossom are beautiful, opening, expanding, reminding me that after winter our world has another wave of energy building and flowering.

Reminding me to look around, see the amazing vibrant world and to delight in the sheer beauty I can see.

Appreciation of beauty in the natural world, for me, opens my heart and is a quick way to change how I feel, to uplift my spirits and I feel a smile bubble up to my face.

When I feel down, going outside and really looking at the amazing natural world gives me perspective. My thoughts and feelings seem smaller, less important in a broader context. What a relief sometimes!

Then as I spend time in this wonderful natural world I feel peace and contentment seep into my being. I love cherry blossom!

What can you see?

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