Best Winter Lettuce Variety Experiment: June 2014

Best Winter Lettuce Variety Experiment: June 2014

We planted a range of lettuce seedling varieties to see the best options for winter supplies in 2014, Auckland, New Zealand.

lettuce trial - winter 2014
Home garden lettuce trial – winter 2014, Auckland NZ
Lettuce trial - winter 2014 - Lolla rossa good productivity
Lolla rossa foxy: good productivity in our home garden

Best by far is ‘Lolla Rossa Foxy’ with crinkly broad soft leaves grading from bright green to brown edges [back row of garden bed].

The cos [front row, 2nd from right] were a sad second last. Last were red cultivars which rotted through the stems and died before producing edible leaves [they were in the middle of the front row].

lettuce winter trial 2014 - good and poor
lettuce winter trial 2014 – good and poor productivity

Oakleaf lettuce forms are slowly growing. Direct seed sown Oakleaf lettuces are doing better than seedlings transplanted.

All were covered by a plastic poly tunnel and treated equally.

This garden is near the harbour and soil is clayey with bought compost over the top. Garden bed faces north-west, is brand new, raised, and beside a fence.


Different varieties really do provide different outcomes depending on climate and soil. Even if I prefer one type of lettuce, I may have better production from a less favored variety when my favourite dislikes the conditions. I love growing a range to see which do best for us.