Gorgeous rainbow light beets

Gorgeous rainbow light beets

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We love this type of silver-beet! Rainbow lights [or chard] are gorgeous, vibrant, shining plants in the garden – a real joy to look at.

They also provide homes for predators of pests. Check carefully when picking leaves as there may be preying mantis sheltering under the leaf. Gently encourage it to move nearby to continue its hunt for pests in that area.

Rainbow lights/chard cook really nicely too – softer, and a more delicate flavour than traditional silver-beet varieties.

All varieties of silver beet have high oxalic acid content so we remove it by cooking them in plenty of water then draining it off. Oxalic acid sets as sharp stones (especially relevant for care of kidneys, etc). We eat heaps of silver beet for all its wonderful properties and find a couple of minutes boiling removes the problems and maintains flavour.

[NB: All beets, spinach, NZ spinach contain high levels of oxalic acid so we cook all of them this way. We do not eat them raw].